This page was created for DIY individuals interested in building
their own controls for a CNC plasma cutting table with
integrated digital torch height control and ohmic touch-off. The
parts listed are know to work and are currently used by CNC
table manufacturers. No support will be given for assembly or
use of these products. Builder accepts all responsibility.
Proma Myplasm controller from Proma Electronika $399
software included. see website for software download and manuals
DM556 stepper driver $15.41 Ebay (prices change) 4 for $61.64
Driver is 4 amp RMS. Set to 4.9A peak to give 3.5A RMS.
48VDC 500Watt power supply $36.99 Amazon
24VCD 48Watt power supply $7.99 Ebay
623 in-oz 3.5 amp motor $50 Precision Plasma LLC 4x$50 = $200
(Only sold with gantry kit)
Magnetic on/off and e-stop $31.99 Ebay
Carlon 12x12x6 junction box $34.99 Home Depot
80mm 110V fan $9.99 Ebay
Note: Use 20 gage stranded 4 conductor wire between motors and drives.
Total cost with wire, fuse, and gromets approximately $800